• Being one of the oldest cities in the world, Bukhara and its magnificent architectural buildings attract many tourists from all over the world.
    Bukhara-i Sharif, Noble Bukhara, Holy Bukhara, is one of the numerous epithets given to our ancient city. Bukhara is one of the few cities in the world grown constantly at one and the same place beginning from the 5th century B.C.

    In 1993, the historical part of the city was entered by the UNESCO on the list of the cities of the world heritage of humankind. In 1997, the whole world under the UNESCO aegis celebrated the 2500th anniversary of Bukhara since the time of its foundation. The architectural legacy of Bukhara presents a rare combination of the monuments of different epochs, characterizing the development of the folk architecture for twenty-five centuries. As to the total number of monumental and residential architecture, which is over 400, Bukhara is rightfully considered as the largest open-air museum in Central Asia.
    The city-museum obtained the status of the Bukhara State Art - Architectural Museum-Preserve in order to maintain the citys ancient atmosphere.

    The collection of the Bukhara museum-preserve is presented by the primary sources and objects of material culture of the Bukhara oasis, embracing almost all spheres of the region during its more- than-twenty-five -century history. The closest analogies of the Bukhara museum-preserve are the museums of Novgorod, Vladimir-Suzdal, Venice, Athens, Louver, the Metropolitan Museum and the State Hermitage Museum.

    Bukhara state architectural art museum-preserve, 2002.


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