The museum has the "Friends of the Bukhara Museum-Preserve" society. Its purpose is to support the museum in various projects on preservation, exhibition, restoration of the unique collections kept in the museum's depositories.
The "Friends of the Bukhara Museum-Preserve" society is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in April 2002.

The objective of the society is to develop civil society through establishing international contacts that promote mutual exchange and enrichment of peoples' cultures.

The society's tasks are:

  • To establish contacts and partnership with museums of different countries, public and voluntary organizations, and international foundations; to assist the museum in exhibition exchange of cultural treasures between countries;
  • To support the Bukhara museum by the civil society, to find material and intellectual resources for preservation, exhibition, and restoration of the unique collections of the museum's depositories;
  • To give information about the museum-preserve and its history, collections, activity, projects, and arts and cultures of Central Asia;
  • To promote development of people's social and charity initiatives aimed at reviving spiritual values of the society, protecting civil rights and supporting people's interests;
  • To publish booklets, maps, guide-books, and information bulletins.
  • Activities of the "Friends of Bukhara Museum-preserve" society are carried out on the following programs:

  • Educational programs (organizing exhibitions, giving lectures, conducting tours, and working out new tours and training courses);
  • Restoration of the exhibits and reconstruction of the museum's buildings;
  • Purchase of the unique exhibits for the museum;
  • Improvement of visitors' facilities.
  • The "Friends of the Bukhara museum-preserve" society is a membership organization combining individual and corporate members - both the citizens of Uzbekistan and other countries. We invite you to join the society. By doing so, you will be contributing today to the preservation and development of one of the oldest museums in Uzbekistan. Your participation in numerous projects such as reconstruction and restoration, scientific-educational programs, and the purchase of unique exhibits will demonstrate your commitment to the 80 year-old history of the Bukhara museum-preserve.

    Patrons could be anyone who wishes to make a more substantial contribution to the development of the Bukhara museum-preserve.
    The museum-preserve accepts all kinds of charitable donations from all those interested in the preservation of the museum as the cultural treasure of the region.
    If you are staying in Bukhara, you can contact the office of the "Friends of Bukhara Museum-Preserve" society, which is located at the Ark citadel (the Registan Square).

    Contact information:

    The society chair - Farida Arslanova

    Tel: (8365) 224-38-53

    Fax/Tel: (8365) 224-13-49, 224-21-07


    Address: Ark museum, Bukhara, Uzbekistan 705001

    You can, too, send to the address of the Bukhara museum-preserve the application form and a check, indicating the sum according to the type of the membership you selected. After receiving the documents, we will mail you your personal membership card.

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    The museum's scholars have been conducting a number of academic researches. There are three members of the staff with doctoral degree and five specialists working on their candidate dissertations.
    The museum has published seven research collections, which include the works by the museum's specialists as well as scholars of the USA, Japan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Germany. The research fellows of the museum - preserve have published abroad over 20 works. They have been also making speeches in international conferences in Italy, Japan, Germany, Russia, US, and Hungary.

    Contact Person:
    Robert Almeev
    Director General of the museum-preserve
    PhD in history
    Tel/Fax: (365)-224-13-49, 224-21-07

    Bukhara State Architectural Art Museum-Preserve, 2002.


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